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 Co-Design Spaces 

 Catalyze Communities 

 Lead for Change 

We adopt a bottom up process and codesign with communities we serve in their everyday settings. This makes learning and action sensory, experiential and transformative.

We activate existing ecosystems through a share purpose and create a strong community through partnerships and collaborations.

We build capacities, thought leaders and change agents in the communities we serve. This supports our journey of impact while operating with government systems and structures.

We embrace

Human Centered Design

Social Innovation

We are people first and uphold human values with design and research. We are sector agnostic.

Our products and services stem from lived experiences of our community, are innovations and create lasting impact.

Compassionate Action 

We believe there is good in everyone and can accomplish visible change through

inter-connectedness and shared purpose

Urban spaces should cultivate empathy, promote equity and provide dignity

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