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Lead change by implementing citizen centered solutions that cultivate happy communities 


Provide a holistic school life experience with learning, community building and lasting friendships.


Catalyze power of community by becoming an advocate, team member or volunteer.


Partner, build, fund our movement to take our mission to every school going child 


Call for data interns

Calling for applications for 'Data Interns' for our 'Safe School Zone' project.

HumanQind in collaboration with the Transportation Research and Injury Prevention Centre, (TRIP centre) IIT Delhi is working to cocreate model safe school zones, one in every district of India's capital. The project is anchored by the Transport Department, GNCTD and implemented in partnership with the Office of DM, Directorate of Education and Public Works Department.

An intern would be required go to visit one or more schools and collect data from students. This engagement is typically for 4 hours per day either in the morning half or afternoon depending on the school. (See Google form for more details)

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