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Qind Stream Ep 1

The Socio-political Groundings of School-based Interventions In this episode of the HumanQind podcast - Qind Stream, the fellows at HumanQind discuss their journeys of working with civil society organisations and school-based interventions. Guests on this episode: Shivani, Charunila, Rashi, Bushra, Tarusha Moderator: Avikal

In this episode, 1. Why don't young professionals like yourselves want to work in a corporate setting?

2. How is the current setup in social development organizations different from that of corporates?

3. Is the role of a researcher/activist well defined in social development organizations?

4. What does self-growth means to you? Does the size of the organization matter in your growth? 5. Is the role of a researcher/activist relevant in contemporary India?

6. Are you able to differentiate between work and personal lives doing this kind of work? 7. Are your parents/relatives/family supportive of the work you are doing?

8. How do we communicate the expectations when we work in smaller setup? 9. What are the responsibilities of a research team while working with a community? 10. Do you see gaps in what you learn and what you are able to impart to the students?


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