Children can cocreate 

 our road to happiness 

About Us

We are a non profit design foundation.
HumanQind is a social design enterprise harnessing kindness to build safe, equitable and compassionate cities.
Our mission is to mainstream the needs of children as equals and build trust, safety and a shared purpose in communities for lasting impact and happiness.

Our Vision

 In our world, no child 

 is small but an equal. 



HumanQind provides a visibility, a voice and

an agency to young humans.



One time I was very close to my death.

If the cars would be more and more fast, then no one will be roaming on the street.

Debabrata, 9 years old

We understand everything . We see everything. Yet nobody comes to ask us.

Shalini, 11 years old

Cities & public realm impact the everyday life of a child, affecting their physical and mental well being. Children are at a heightened risk of road injuries and have a high exposure to toxic air and noise pollution, especially when they go to school and play. In 2018 alone, 10000 children lost their lives due to road accidents.
In India, 128.5 million children live in urban areas. They account to more than one-third of urban population. Children have no voice, no active participation in city building efforts and are considered small, unequal and invisible. They are constantly denied their rights as a citizen and fail to grow with compassion and dignity. This cycle widens inequities, disrespect, a lack of empathy and belonging across generations and relationships.
This has to stop.


of total urban population is

below 18.


They have no voice in their everyday life


children die daily due to road accidents.

A major cause of death for ages 5-14.

We reimagine community with creativity, collaboration & compassion.



 Co-Design Spaces 

 Catalyze Communities 

We adopt a bottom up process and codesign with communities we serve in their everyday settings. This makes learning and action sensory, experiential and transformative.

We activate existing ecosystems through a share purpose and create a strong community through partnerships and collaborations.

We build capacities, thought leaders and change agents in the communities we serve. This supports our journey of impact while operating with city systems and structures.

We embrace

Human Centered Design

We are people first and uphold human values with design. We are sector agnostic.

Social Innovation

Our activities and services are goal oriented and create lasting impact.

Compassionate Action 

We believe there is good in everyone and can accomplish visible change through


 Lead for Change 

Urban spaces should cultivate empathy, promote equity and provide dignity




 Transforming neighborhoods 

 one safe school at a time 

For a child, education is not limited to the boundaries of school but includes the first-last mile traversed.
The CROSSWALK through its transformative curriculum  facilitates creation of a safe, democratized access to schools with children, regardless of their ethnic origin, religion, income, gender or disability. The curriculum comprises of nine design thinking workshops integrated with tools such as observational thinking, arts, storytelling, social emotional learning and introduces children to principles of sustainable city design, child rights and Sustainable Development Goals. 
The Crosswalk Curriculum

We convert a classroom to a world full of possibilities and a unified dream.



I want bench for people because they have to wait for children.

Priyanka, 9 years old


There should be more streetlight because if anyone travels from anywhere at night they can see signs and go ahead where they want.

Avika, 9 years old


Children express their emotions, reimagine their spaces, learn about their rights and co-design a safe and compassionate access to their schools.


HumanQind translates the vision into a compassionate and equitable plan for the neighborhood that can be replicated and scaled.

The design process is embedded in the tenets of Agenda 2030, the New Urban Agenda and the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child.

Impact Crosswalk #1:  10000+ children | 4 Schools |  7000 sq.m. of community space designed by children | Happiness in community

Become a CROSSWALK school

and create safety and happiness


 Voice and Visibility Matters. 

#QindTime is an initiative giving voice and visibility to our young humans. We believe the compassion and kindness in our young humans offers an opportunity to reimagine how we prosper and thrive.

Compassion in the City

 Rethinking a just city .

'Compassion in the city' is our portal for exploring norms, and practices of urbanism in the Global South through a lens of human values and compassion. We do this through research, advocacy, dialogues and experimentation. 



We engage in various tools to promote consensus building between multiple stakeholders. All engagements are led by children and school.

City leaders can share commitments, funds and create inclusive and equitable cities.

We are a people first organisation




Ruchi Varma

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Ruchi is an architect and urban designer by training and is extremely passionate about people and public spaces. She closely observes how the latter influences the way people function and live. She has worked extensively in the area of design driven and data driven sustainable city initiatives with multiple government and non government agencies in India, USA, Italy, The Netherlands, South Korea, and Ghana. She has been associated with Transportation Research and Injury Prevention Programme at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi for over a decade. Ruchi is a graduate from Politecnico di Milano, Italy.


For her vision of equity and happiness, she has been selected globally as a Dalai Lama Fellow, University of Virginia. She is also a fellow with School of Social Entrepreneurs India and Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) India. She is a Mentor of Change with NITI Ayog's Atal Innovation Mission and was selected as 'Super Mentor' in 2019.


A flaneur at heart, she loves traveling, exploring cities, public spaces and their everyday life.

  A Qind Community  

Our volunteers have been our strongest pillar. They come from various age groups and disciplines. They get a first hand experience of becoming an equal,  resonate our values and contribute with all their heart! Become a Qind Volunteer !

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HumanQind won the Global Honor Award for our pilot project 'Crosswalk - 250 meters of Happiness' at the UN-HABITAT World Urban Forum 10 in Abu Dhabi.  The award was selected by an international panel among 106 entries for “Accelerating the SDGs through the LOCAL PROJECT CHALLENGE”. The global challenge was organised by the Center for Sustainable Development, Columbia University, New York, USA


There is noting more special to see children smile with ownership. This is how equals celebrate.

We are grateful to DAV Public school, Vasant Kunj, PWD Delhi and Delhi Government for a continued collaboration.

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Early Supporters



I whole heartedly support it. The project has the potential to be a model school street.

- Naresh Yadav, MLA, Delhi Government

I am so happy to see the vision of young brigade of our school, DAV Public School, Vasant Kunj coming alive . Excellent job done .

- Anju Puri, Principal, DAV Public School

Children and their safety is our topmost priority. Their happiness lies in a safe surrounding indeed. Great initiative and a commendable job done by Ruchi to raise the awareness.

- Vandana Deepak, Teacher

I am very glad to witness the work of our children in making sure that road safety must be the most considerable point to the infrastructure planning and development agenda for educational organizations.


I personally met the team at work in India. They were so confident and dedicated for their target. Great job team Crosswalk.

- Swati, Parent



We are humble. We are ambitious.
We are a movement.

New Delhi, India

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